Securing Your Organization

Organizations need to prove they are secure to compete within the global marketplace. In today’s highly demanding and competitive business world, customers are demanding more and requesting proof to show that organization takes prudent control measures to ensure they are secured. With BG Security as your trusted partner, we take pride in our work to help you in implementing, achieving and maintaining ISO-27001 certification to improve your organization security posture and improve your competitiveness.



Systematic Process
A well defined and documented process to ensure areas are covered leading a more secure organization.
Gap & Risk Assessment 
Leveraging on our developed framework and assessment methodology using ISO 27005 and CMMI we assess your organization gaps and risk and recommend the treatment plan.
Save time and money
Leveraging our expertise, proven processes and artifacts simplifies the process of achieving certification.
Meet ISO 27001 requirements
Bodhigen ensures your success by validating all artifacts to guarantee they fully conform with the standard
ISO 27001 is operationalized
Bodhigen helps build the ISMS committee and chair committee meetings and made ISMS process operational