Creating values for your business through IoT

IoT grows fast across all vertical domains, increasing values and competitiveness is important for business to survive in this digitally disruptive era. Great opportunities exists for company to take advantage and adopt IoT in their business to derive an outcome economy and be a leader in their sector. At bodhi.gen we use A . I . R to help you achieve new high with our solutions



A : Artificial Intelligence

Collecting IoT sensors data is only the fundamental requirements of embarking on IoT journey. At bodhi.gen we want to help business derive an outcome from this business data collected by our sensors. Using machine learning and AI we enable deep level insight generation allowing you to focus on selling outcomes rather than products – disruptions that no business can afford to ignore

I : Internet of Things

With our integrated solutions, digital devices at the edge, gateway solution. We help business to deploy digital sensors to monitor and collect data that are crucial and helping business to save time and cost and ultimately to achieve a outcome economy base business for them.

R : Robotics

Autonomous IoT solution to help business collect data on the move, fusion of sensors to a physically moving robot to collect distributed physical environment information. Bridging the digital and physical worlds - Cyber Physical System.