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About bodhi.gen

Bodhi - signify 'Awakening' or awareness.

Gen - refer to the 'Generation' seeking peace in a disruption world.

Logo Bodhi tree - refer to sacred fig 'Ficus religiosa' for current generation to attain clarity in this digitize world. How we started : A 'spark' ignited with 2 founders of Bodhi.Gen (B.G), Ash Ang, a technopreneur and Louis Wong a business consultant with over 40 years of combined industries experience aim to create a positive impact to the people and our society. Imagine you’re in the market on technologies and business disruption that you know very little about. It could be an Automation, Internet of Thing (IoT), Robotic (A.I.R), an e-bike, or even new productivity software. Anything. In this scenario, you have no pre-existing brand loyalties and you’re feeling overwhelmed by the choices. Now, you have two options:

A  —  Spend hours and even days doing online research and  Ask a friend for a recommendation, until your are sweep by the changes.

B  —  Be your master and make the change now, be your own destiny, direction and your business strategy.

A killer product is your best marketing strategy


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